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Pow day at Vail with a Feiyu Tech Gimbal

This week saw some incredibly deep snow in Colorado, and Tuesday 12/22 I was able to get out ride with a new Feiyu Tech 4G GoPro gimbal. The footage speaks for itself. 

2 thoughts on “Pow day at Vail with a Feiyu Tech Gimbal”

  1. hi – thinking about getting one for snowboarding, was there any problem with snow hitting the gimbal? I know it’s not waterproof, but concerned whether getting some pow on it will be an issue. also did you have a waterproof housing on the gopro? Thanks!! jl

    1. No issue with snow hitting the gimbal or the camera. I’m sure full submersion wouldn’t be good for it, but the unit is pretty well sealed up. There’s no way to attach a GoPro with its waterproof housing – but that’s okay! GoPros, like most electronic devices, are fine with some small amount of moisture on their own.

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