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Ollie Frontside 180 Trick Tip

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We can use the skills from our video on Ollies to style out a frontside 180!

First, make sure you have your Ollie on lock. You should also be comfortable with basic switch riding before working on 180s. Rewatch the Ollie video, and make sure you’re dialed with the movement over the tail to spring into the air. On flat terrain, warm up with a couple of ollies, popping into the air and landing flat with both feet.

For the 180, we’re going to add rotation from the shoulders and then hips. The timing of this movement is key! The movement begins just like an Ollie, flexing down and shifting towards the tail. However, when you begin to extend and spring off the tail, you’ll also start rotating your chest towards the board’s nose (counter clockwise for regular riders, clockwise for goofy riders). Think about bringing your rear hand to the nose of the board – when you land the 180 that will now be your front hand riding switch.

The moment you reach full extension you need to tighten your core (imagine getting punched in the stomach) and pull your hips back into alignment with your shoulders. You can also think about pulling your rear knee and foot around to your shoulder with your hips.

Just like with the Ollie, as you pop into the air, pull your knees up to bring the board further off the snow. Extend your legs to land with both feet simultaneously, flexing to absorb the landing. Really focus on maintaining a parallel relationship between your shoulders and the terrain. 

Once your feeling comfortable with the timing of the pop and rotation, it’s time to take it down a gentle slope. The big difference is when you land you’ll now be sliding switch. Flex down as you land and commit to riding it out switch with equal flexion in your front and rear knees and ankles!

Experiment with your Ollie 180s by timing them off bumps, rollers, cat-tracks, and other terrain features! . If you like this post, subscribe so you can watch it next time you’re out riding.

Comment below what other trick tips you’d like is to film, and tag your friends that want to get better!

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