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How to Nosepress on a Snowboard

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This week’s trick tip is a Nose Press. Dialing in a nose press requires you to practice controlling pressure under your front foot while pulling your back foot off the snow. These are key skills in taking your riding to the next level!

On flat ground, practice flexing your lead leg and shifting your body over the front foot while pulling up on your back foot. To accomplish this, you can move your body over the board, or pull the board underneath your body. Try this movement with different amounts of intensity to find a smooth press that works for you.

The goal is a gradual press that let’s you hold the tail off the snow. Move too quickly or make the movement too intense, and you’ll build pressure in the nose, causing the tail to slap back down on the snow.

Notice how my shoulders and hips stay fairly level with the snowboard as I move into the press. This helps you flex over the nose without losing your balance. Dip your shoulders too far and you’ll find yourself going over the nose – not enough and you’ll have a hard time committing to the press.

Once you’re comfortable moving into the press and holding it, find a gentle slope and try it moving. Flex your front leg, shift your hips over the nose, and pull up on your back foot. If you’re struggling to hold the tail off the snow, try quickly lifting your back foot and letting it back down again – tapping or patting the snow with your back foot. As you get more comfortable, try to hold the tail off the snow for longer counts.

Once you’ve got the nose press dialed, begin trying it in different places and at different speeds. This is a great trick on boxes and rails too!

Save this post so you can watch it next time you’re out riding and let me know how it goes. Comment below what other trick tips you’d like us to add, and tag your friends!

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