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Learn How to Toeside Eurocarve on a Snowboard

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Everyone loves a clean toeside eurocarve, and this has been one of the most requested videos since we started posting trick tips!

Before trying these, it’s vital that you understand how to carve (check our videos for help there)!

1. In a flat area, lie down on your toe edge, and feel how you can reduce the tilt of the snowboard by flexing your ankles. Find the maximum amount of tilt you can use before your toes hit the snow. This is the position you’ll be in during a toeside eurocarve. 

2. The secret to the toeside eurocarve is the finish of the heelside turn. You need to be extending your legs as you steer the carve across the fall line on your heelside. Quickly flex down, dropping your center of mass towards the board before rolling over to the toe edge. This is important, as we want to be on our toes in a flexed position while it’s still the downhill edge!

3. Now that you’re starting your toeside carve with your body on the snow, you want to extend your knees and hips, pushing your body away from your board while keeping the toe edge locked in the carve. Again, fine tune the board’s tilt through ankle flexion. For the first few tries, we’re going to focus on getting into the carve. Don’t worry about standing back up. This should be done at low speed until you get the feel of it. 

4. Extending through the turn generates forces pushing your body back towards the snowboard. To stand back up at the finish, the key is to collapse your ankle, knee, and hip joints at the right time, allowing those forces to push you up and over the board. 

5. Begin adding more speed. Speed increases the amount of forces you’re dealing with, so you’ll find it easier to hold yourself up through the carve and easier to stand back up at the end.

There is no one way to eurocarve! You can experiment with different body angles and hand placement, or try putting two hands on the snow. You can also explore different terrain like rollers and banked walls!

Save this post and let me know if you’re having trouble with your eurocarves! Tag or DM a video if you want feedback. Comment below what other trick tips you’d like us to add, and share with your friends!

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