Steamboat Snow | Day 19 of 30 Days on the Road

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After what seemed like endless summer weather, winter rolled in towards the end of the week and Saturday, November 14th was a full on winter wonderland day. It snowed intermittently throughout the day, and the snow crystals hung in the air.

Steamboat Snow 1 Steamboat Snow 2
Still no riding in Steamboat, but I took a short snow walk, and then started setting up for the split board how-to article.

“30 Days on the Road” is a blog series tracking my travel for thirty days in October and November; from leaving Alaska on October 27th until Steamboat opens on November 25th. Due to a series of cool opportunities I don’t have to be back at a “real job” until 11/26th, and after a summer that seemed way too long, I’ll be making the most of my free month with as much snow and snow industry fun as I can cram in. The goal is two-fold, first to get you pumped about the upcoming season, and two to help keep track of time as I wander aimlessly for a month.

I’ll also be posting updates on Facebook and Twitter, so make sure and check out the action there too.

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