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Volcom Store Party in Boulder

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We were already hanging out in Boulder this afternoon, so when we got the heads-up about the party at the Volcom Store on Pearl Street, we made our way over to check out the festivities.

Out front Volcom had a hat making booth set up, and visitors could get a free hat, pressed with their choice of Volcom labels on them. Inside there was pizza, an array of free posters and a couple of Volcom pros hanging out. Twitter user jjwingate won a free snowboard for finding Gigi Ruf and tweeting a photo to @volcom.

The store had a pretty good-sized crowd gathered at the back to rock out with Kandi Coded and ASG. There were probably 50 people that stayed the whole time, but quite a few more milled in-and-out.

Thanks for a fun night Volcom!

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Snow at the Volcom Store

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