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Kimmy Fasani, representing the girls for the DC snow team

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I first met Kimmy at the DC snowboards unveiling in the Playboy suite at the Palms casino during SIA 2008. A fairly new name to the girls snowboard world, last year she filmed with Runway, made the DC snowboard team, and held it down with the boys at Superpark. We touched base this fall to find out what’s going on and how the year with DC has been treating her.

Kimmy Fasani (c) DC
Name: Kimmy Fasani
Age: 24
Years Riding: 12 years
Home: Mammoth Lakes, CA
Favorite country you have visited: Japan
Favorite non-snowboarding past time: Gymnastics
Sponsors: DC, Smith, Clif Bar, Skullcandy, Elemental Herbs, Purl Wax, CTi
Music: Tupac, Lil Wayne, Britney Spears, T.I., The Beatles, M.I.A, Madonna

SBG: Always fun to stand in line and chat with you while waiting for Chinese food! When we last talked, you were relatively new to the DC Team. How has that been going?
Kimmy: Being on the DC team has been amazing! Within the last two years I have been given so many opportunities to snowboard in places that I have dreamed about. I have been able to become the rider I have always wanted to be because I know that I have a company that fully supports everything I do. This confidence makes me want to push myself to a higher level each time I go out on the snow!


Kimmy’s board, the DC BFF.

SBG: I rode your board in Keystone at On Snow last winter and found it to be a solid ride. That said, in the first year of a board’s existence, there are most likely going to be suggested changes. What was your experience on the board and what do you plan to have different for a future board?
Kimmy: This board has been a collaboration of ideas and I am so glad to hear you enjoyed your experience. Overall I have been very satisfied with how this first round of BFF’s turned out. There’s pop and reliability in the board’s ride when I am hitting jumps, riding powder, and/or carving on groomers, however, I feel equally as comfortable hitting rails because I knowing that this board can do anything. The success of this board has inspired DC to develop a girls twin board, which will allow this BFF board to be more of a free-ride specific and the twin can be more park specific.

Editor's Note: You can read and write reviews of DC's BFF here: DC BFF on SBG

SBG: Being female and ever so attracted to graphics, I am wondering what you see for the graphic future of the board? What are your favorite colors and what would your ideal top sheet look like?
Kimmy: Graphics are a big part of how a board makes a girl feel and personally I love bright, poppy colors on my snowboard. I love blues, greens, browns, and pinks. The future graphics for this board will be bolder and more detailed in order to captivate a woman’s attention right off the shelf.

SBG: What is your favorite piece of DC outerwear for this up and coming season?
Kimmy: My favorite piece of DC outerwear for this up and coming season is the STYRO jacket in Raspberry Plaid. This jacket is bright, comfortable, and perfect for photo shoots.

Kimmy BS 3 Superpark @ Mammoth (c) DC

Kimmy BS 3 Superpark @ Mammoth (c) DC

SBG: How was summer? Did you ride or take a break?
Kimmy: My summer was awesome and pretty mellow. I went to Hawaii in June, followed by a snowboarding trip to Whistler for a DC shoot, and in August I went to Australia for some down under shredding. All my in between time was spent hiking and biking in Mammoth.

SBG: Getting back into the snow season, what tips do you have for riders to prepare for once again being on a board?
Kimmy: Getting back on snow is so exciting but I definitely recommend strength training your legs and core before the season starts. This way you are ready for a strong start to the season. Once the mountain opens do a handful of laps just carving down the groomers in order to get your legs back. This seems like such an easy thing to do but when you’re off snow for months at a time your muscles forget about reaction time. Taking laps will help get your muscle memory back and this will make you more comfortable jumping back into the season.

SBG: How is riding with the DC Team different than riding with your female friends?
Kimmy: The DC team is extremely motivating and together they consistently inspire me to push and progress my riding. When I ride with the guys I try to do what they are doing or step up to features that they are hitting. When I am riding with ladies I feel like I push myself but not as hard because we are all working on similar tricks and the guys are the ones to push us to the next level.

Kimmy BS 3 Superpark @ Mammoth (c) DC

Kimmy BS 3 Superpark @ Mammoth (c) DC

SBG: What first got you into snowboarding and where did you first try it?
Kimmy: I had a good group of guy friends that I would ski race with when I was about 7-12 years old. These guys picked snowboarding up as an after skiing hobby and I wanted to try it. When I was about 8 years old my mom bought a snowboard for me so I could play around after racing. She also treated me to lessons at Soda Springs up on Donner Summit, so fun! When I was 12 years old I gave up skiing and started snowboard on the weekends, soon enough I fell in love with the sport and this is where it’s brought me.

SBG: What is your favorite resort to shred?
Kimmy: My favorite resort to shred is Mammoth because they have a little bit of everything; parks, pow, pipes, fast lifts, and the resort is only about 5 minutes from my house.

SBG: If you can leave one footprint on the snowboard industry, what would it be?
Kimmy: I hope to leave a footprint of progression. I want to be a rider that is remembered for progress women’s snowboarding to a new level.

Kimmy Fasani (c) DCSBG: Anything else you want to add?
Kimmy: Thanks to my mom, Chris Benchetler, friends and family, sponsors, team managers, and everyone out there that loves the snow as much as I do.

SBG: Thanks for your time Kimmy, have a great season and we’ll see you at SIA.

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