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First Chair: E-Learning Course Helps PE Teachers to Teach Snowboarding Indoors

AASI and Burton have been partnering on snowboard education and equipment for more than 20 years, and in the last year we’ve been collaborating on specific education highlighting the evolution of teaching kids. This winter we rolled out the “Kids Can Snowboard Too” project, a campaign to educate kids, parents, instructors, and resorts about the advancements in equipment, instruction, and terrain available to create successful lessons for 3-6 year olds.

More recently, Tony Macri and I worked with Burton to develop an E-Learning module built around Burton’s Riglet PE Program. The Riglet PE Program is a SHAPE America certified indoor elementary school gym program that teaches kids to snowboard in the warm, safe, familiar environment of a school gymnasium. Students are introduced to snowboard equipment, movements, balance, and culture through games, drills, and exercise that creates a great platform for learning to snowboard. The AASI & Burton Riglet PE E-Learning course is a free online training that brings the Riglet PE Program to life and educates teachers, parents, and instructors about the materials available, how to teach the class in the gym, and how to take kids from the gym environment to the snow.

Check out our recent First Chair Podcast about the course, and then head over to to learn more about the course.

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