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Airports: Day 1 of “30 Days on the Road”

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“30 Days on the Road” is a blog series tracking my travel for thirty days in October and November; from leaving Alaska on October 27th until Steamboat opens on November 25th. Due to a series of cool opportunities I don’t have to be back at a “real job” until 11/26th, and after a summer that seemed way too long, I’ll be making the most of my free month with as much snow and snow industry fun as I can cram in. The goal is two-fold, first to get you pumped about the upcoming season, and two to help keep track of time as I wander aimlessly for a month.

Unfortunately, the camera cable was busted during travel today, so photos will have to wait until I can find a replacement.

Day 1 started with my plane taking off from the Fairbanks International Airport in AK at 1:10 am on Tuesday 10/27. After a snow-less fall (see Snow, Damnit, Snow), I moved my ticket up to escape the barren north (and to make the trip to Maryland to visit Gore possible). Monday, the day before my flight, the skies finally opened up and dropped several inches of dry fluffy snow in the hills. Figures…

The flight from Fairbanks to Denver (via Seattle) was awesomely uneventful, dropping me in Colorado at 10:30 am. Within hours the skies darkened, turned to rain, and finally snow. I like to think of it as a welcome home present. After a quick stop for lunch at the always essential Illegal Pete’s in Boulder, I killed some time catching up on emails and then hit the pillow, dreaming of powder.

Next up, snow tries to keep me from getting to the Gore Experience More Summit, in Snow and Gore: Day 2 of “30 Days on the Road”

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