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2016 GoPro Mountain Games

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In the few short years since GoPro took over the Mountain Games at Vail, it’s transformed into one of my favorite events hosted in the Vail valley.

While we host all kinds of winter events in Vail, and the Burton US Open is one of the highlights of the year, the GoPro games manage to pull together a large and diverse group of athletes and fans that wouldn’t congregate in one place except for an event this big and eclectic. Honestly, the best part of this event isn’t any specific discipline (although SUP Cross was amazing to watch and I plan on entering next year), but the energy and excitement of the crowd and the collection of people.

2016 highlights included a ton of stand up paddleboard events, the always fun to watch dock dogs, amazing kayaking, great concerts, and some incredible climbing.

Huge thanks to the crew at GoPro for hosting this event and pushing these summer sports to a whole new level!

Don’t miss the 2017 GoPro Mountain Games next June

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