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Go Deeper: The Jeremy Jones Interview Pt.2

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In Part 2 of our interview with big-mountain freerider Jeremy Jones, we learn more about his two-year movie project, Deeper, and his recently announced snowboard company, Jones Snowboards. If you wonder what it’s like to film a big vertical descent without helis or snowmobiles, or what his 2011 board line will be like, this interview is just what you’re looking for.

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Go Deeper: The Jeremy Jones Interview Pt.1

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Jeremy Jones is the reigning king of big mountain snowboarding. He’s appeared in countless snowboard films, devouring lines that would have eaten most riders, and he was on the front line of bringing more freestyle moves into big mountain riding. His convictions about reducing the industry’s environmental impact led him to start the non-profit organization Protect Our Winters, he’s on year two of a two-year video project called Deeper, and he’s just resigned from Rossignal to start his own company, Jones Snowboards. We sat down with Jeremy last week to get the scoop on his many projects. Read More »Go Deeper: The Jeremy Jones Interview Pt.1

Kimmy Fasani, representing the girls for the DC snow team

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I first met Kimmy at the DC snowboards unveiling in the Playboy suite at the Palms casino during SIA 2008. A fairly new name to the girls snowboard world, last year she filmed with Runway, made the DC snowboard team, and held it down with the boys at Superpark. We touched base this fall to find out what’s going on and how the year with DC has been treating her.Read More »Kimmy Fasani, representing the girls for the DC snow team

Introduction to Grabs

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Learning to grab your board is a big step from airing over jumps, but it’s a great way to improve your style when you’re in the air. Before you start grabbing, you should be comfortable going over jumps, getting some air, and landing. This article will go through some of the basic steps and teach you some of the terminology you’ll want to know. Soon you’ll be grabbing like a pro, and you’ll even know which grabs you’re doing. Read More »Introduction to Grabs

Andreas Wiig- A Quick Interview with the Backcountry Machine

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Andreas Wiig is a driven, powerful snowboarder who’s smooth style stands out on all types of terrain. Snowboarding first captured Andreas at a young age in Norway where rough snow and ice conditions did not deter him from learning, but instead pushed him to focus himself and thrive in any condition. Now, in his professional career, he takes snowboarding to a new level. He charges anything he is going to hit and does it with machine-like force and precision. Andreas spends time in both Norway and the US and continues to be an inspiration to many worldwide. If you aren’t lucky enough to catch up with him on a snowboard, you may find him bartending in wild Alaska. Read More »Andreas Wiig- A Quick Interview with the Backcountry Machine