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Time Well Wasted

Well wasted time, an interview with Kevin Sansalone

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I’m not sure exactly when I first heard of Kevin Sansalone, but it would have been around 15 years ago when I was growing up in Alaska, riding for a snowboard dealer who’s primary brand was Option. That shop sponsorship was my means to accessing Option pro-forms, and at start of every season a new Kevin Sansalone pro model would appear in the mail. At that point in time Kevin was holding down banger-filled parts in Alterna Action films like The Struggle and Still Struggling, movies that can still hold their own against the onslaught of modern videos. Since then, he’s expanded his role to encompass pretty much every aspect of the snowboard industry, juggling between riding, producing, and starting new ventures. Last week Kevin sat down with SBG to fill us in on life and his latest flick “Time Well Wasted.” Read More »Well wasted time, an interview with Kevin Sansalone

A few minutes in the mind of Andrew Hardingham

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Andrew Hardingham is a rare breed, one of those free spirits that isn’t just trying to seem cool by being all “out there.” He’s been slaying it in Sandbox and Skids videos for years, but “Time Well Wasted” set a new bar for Canadian shred-flick excellence, and Andrew was kind enough to give us an inside track on the film, life as he sees it, and escaping clone armies. Read More »A few minutes in the mind of Andrew Hardingham