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AASI Level 2 Pre-Recorded Prep Course


Level 2 Pre-Recorded Prep Course

12 1-Hour Pre-Recorded Classes

Course Leader: Chris Rogers

Course Information

Course participants will be introduced to the Level 2 Standard and have opportunities to explore Teaching Skills, Technical Skills, and People Skills. Throughout the course, participants will learn about and discuss teaching, riding, and movement analysis elements of the exam with an AASI examiner.

The 12-week AASI Level 2 Prep Course includes access to the 12 week curriculum via video archives of this session.

Training Course FAQ

Course Syllabus:

  1. Introduction, Overview, and Goal Setting
  2. Riding: Standards Overview, Discussion, and Video Homework
  3. Teaching: Framing a Teach (Teach Topics + Board Performances)
  4. Teaching: Intro to Carving
  5. Teaching: Intro to Most Flexed & Intro to Steeps
  6. Teaching: Intro to Bumps & Intro to Crud
  7. Movement Analysis: Standards Overview & Video Review
  8. Teaching: Intro to Trees & Intro to Powder
  9. Teaching: Intro to Jumps & Intro to 180s
  10. Teaching: Intro to Boxes & Intro to Pipe
  11. Movement Analysis: Video Review
  12. Open Session
Course Length

12 1-Hour Videos


At your Own Pace