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AASI Level 1 Prep Course #2


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Session 2

4-Week Course, 2 Classes Per Week
Monday + Thursday at 7 – 8pm MST
Jan 4 – Jan 28, 2021
Course Leader: Chris Rogers

Course Information:

Course participants will be introduced to the Level 1 Standard and have opportunities to explore Teaching Skills, Technical Skills, and People Skills. Throughout the course, participants will learn about and discuss teaching, riding, and movement analysis elements of the exam with an AASI examiner.

The 8 Week AASI Level 1 Prep Course includes access to the 8 week curriculum, video archives of each class in the course, and a private 15 minute online session with the clinic leader.

Training Course FAQ

Course Syllabus:

  1. Introduction, Overview of the Learning Connection Model and the Level 1 Standard, and Goal Setting
  2. Riding: Standards Overview, Discussion, and Video Homework
  3. Teaching Concepts
  4. Teaching Progression: Levels 1-2
  5. Teaching Progression: Levels 2-3
  6. Teaching Progression: Levels 3-4
  7. Movement Analysis: OEP + Examples & Practice
  8. Open Session and Wrap-Up
Course Length

4 Week


Jan 4 – Jan 28, 2021


Mon + Thurs

Time (MST)

7 – 8pm