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When I started promoting my new project Get AWSM a few years ago, it was founded based on the idea of using instruction and training to help others to “Get Awesome.”

After a few years of creating content under the name Get AWSM, I’ve had other thoughts about the name, and this year, with moving to New Zealand for the “summer,” and chasing winter around the world, I made the decision to rebrand Get AWSM to Live WNTR.

Live WNTR better describes my goal as an instructor, trainer, and coach. It was never about becoming awesome, it was about helping others find and connect with a passion for winter.

In many ways, the naming behind Get AWSM and Live WNTR are the same. But Live WNTR is meant to be a little bigger. It’s about connecting with the experience of winter, not just about becoming good at skiing and snowboarding. It was never meant to be about the accomplishment, and I think the name Live WNTR embodies a connection to the culture and the soul better.

Thanks for staying tuned, lots more to come!


Copper Play Day | Day 20 of 30 Days on the Road

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Originally posted on SnowboarderGuide.com

Sunday, Nov 15. Took the day to play at Copper. Absolutely gorgeous partly cloudy day, sun breaking through the clouds made for some really cool lighting. Snow was brutal – super patchy ice and soft, so you never know when your edge is going to hold. Park setup is still fun though. Read more “Copper Play Day | Day 20 of 30 Days on the Road”