First Chair, Last Call: Go from Good to Great with the Learning Connection

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AASI Snowboard Team member, Chris Rogers, talks about the Learning Connection, which is an important developmental framework that focuses on each person’s teaching skills, technical skills, and people skills. A great instructor is one who is highly skilled in each of those areas. Chris talks about how you can use the three different tenants based on the conditions of the day to tailor your student’s experience.

AASI How to Snowboard: A Beginner’s Guide Part 3

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Last season I worked with PSIA-AASI, Snow Operating, and Halley O’Brien to create some basic tips and tricks to get beginners started on the hill. These videos are not intended to replace instruction, but to reach viewers who are already searching for “how to snowboard” on YouTube and trying to learn to snowboard without instructors. Here’s the first video in the series where we cover the basics of stopping, skidding, and turning!

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